How to Clean an Area Rug with a Steam Cleaner?

Do you have rug areas in your home? Well, the rug is the best material to cover the floorings at all climates, but the cost of rug compared with all other carpet material are more. So, by knowing how to clean an area rug with a steam cleaner, you can to able to maintain the quality and can extend the lifespan of more years. Don’t know how to clean a rug? Then, exactly this is the right place for you to know the procedure.

how-to-clean-an-area-rug-with-a-steamHow to clean an area rug with a steam cleaner?

When it comes to caring of rug flooring, you need to do regular vacuuming, removal of dust, prompt treatment, insects and cleaning stains and spills. In order to fulfill the process of cleaning rugs completely, you need to do all these cleaning processes. If you missed doing these activities, then you need to hire a professional to accomplish. At such a case, it consumes some more money than normal maintaining. However, if you maintain regularly, then there is no need of professional cleaning process.

Vacuum cleaning:

In order to remove dirt, dust, and stains on the rugs, you need to vacuum it at least week once. But, you need to vacuum the back of rugs instead of the front, because it’s high suction power damages the fiber of rugs.

Steam cleaning:

After completion of vacuuming process, you need to use steam water to clean it again to completely remove the spills, stains, and dirt on the rugs that stored for years at the first time. After that, you can repeat it for a week once to drying process with a steam cleanerreduce the damages.

Drying process:

Once you complete the steam cleaning process, and then you need to leave for some more to dry thoroughly so that it can keep away from easy storage of dust.

These the steps that you need to do to clean an area of the rug with a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning machines:

But, the above process requires more effort and time, if you did all those one by one. This is where the steam cleaning machines nowadays include all those processes in a cleaning machine, so you no need to do separately and manually. Most of the steam cleaning machines include vacuum inside the machine that helps to flush out the dirt on the rug. At first, the steam phase of the cleaner applies steam water on the rug to loosen the dirt and dust at first. And, steam water also includes some cleaning solution to capture dirt. Then, the vacuum cleaning phase started to work automatically and removes loosened dirt out of it. So, there is nothing for you to do manually instead of moving the steam cleaner machine on the rug floorings where you need to remove dust.

Therefore, the procedure of cleaning rug area is easy with latest steam cleaner, but you need to buy the best cleaner with the plenty of options on the market.


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